Stourbridge Junction Station


Opened in 1852 on the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway line, 400 yards south of the present station, and named simply 'Stourbridge'. The junction came about when the Stourbridge Railway built their line to Lye and beyond. Becoming a double junction on 1 October 1879 when the branch to Stourbridge Town was opened. On 1 October 1901 the new station opened 400 in its current location.


In 1962, the OWW was closed to passenger traffic north of Stourbridge by the British Transport Commission, although the route remained open for freight until 1993. Only the section as far as the Round Oak Steel Terminal is still in use.


The station used to have four platforms, comprising two island platforms. The southern divergence to Platform 1 was removed some years ago and Platform 4, situated opposite to the current Platform 3, now faces the car park - built on the station's old carriage sidings.



In this rather grainy historic picture of a freight train passing through the then platform two, the carrige sidings can be seen in the background were the forecourt and car park are today


The station today looking down between platforms 1 & 2 with the car park clearly visible behind on the site of the former carriage sidings

Class 153 approaches platform 3 on the town branch during a short replacement of the Class 139 'Shuttles' due to technical issues. This was also the class of train the previously run on the Stourbridge Town Branch

Picture curtesy of John Parry


A very run down station in the early 1970's showing the then platform four, todays platform 3 as a through platform with the outer freight line down the branch to the canal

Taken from the other end of platform two in this picture we see the single track remnants of the Town branch begin its descent to Stourbridge Town station

Class 139 'Shuttle' departing platform 3 one one of its 10 minute cycle trips. Vegitation covering the former second 'freight' track alignment

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