Ryecroft Junction






Lying just north of Walsall, this was believed to be the only one-into-four junction on the British rail network. Nestling right in the middle was located an engine shed. (see Jack Haddock's book - "Walsall's Engine Shed").Today the engine shed has long since disappeared and the area has become a nature reserve and only the Cannock line to Rugeley and the Sutton Park line, mainly a freight route keeping the goods trains off of the peak capacity central Birmingham lines.



The former South Staffordshire alignment remains intact as the local councils hope it may one day reopen. The RRA believes that it should reopen as a 'Light Railway', there being a good case for an M6 Toll Park & Ride system to run from the former Anglesea Sidings adjacent to both it and the A5 Watling Road. This would also ease conjestion on the B4154 into Walsal from Pelsall, Rushall and Brownhills by reopening these stations.

This section of 1951 OS map shows the huge network of lines radiating out from the junction with the engine shed nestled neatly in the middle


The remnants of Ryecroft Junction July 2016, the exit to the former Wolferhampton line started behind the 40 sing and entered the cutting behind the telephone mast where a yellow digger is just about decernable

Looking north from Littleton Street West bridge to the, at the time under construction North Street bridge on a wet Christmas Day 2015. On a later visit May 2015 it was open


Looking South from North Street bridge towards Littleton Street West bridge showing the land where the extra two tracks lay in previous pictures

Littleton Street West bridge from footbridge adjacent to it neat to Tesco car park entrance showing the land where the extra two tracks lay in previous pictures