Station in the 1970's passenger services having fallen to the Beeching axe, and freight only using the line

Photo from excelent web site with a great many historic pictures of the whole line

Modern OS style map showing the how the area has built up over the last 65 years. Reopening the line would now also serve the hugely expanded village of High Heath

A sad endightment of modern society, the new green fencing on the bridge to stop things being thrown onto cars passing below



Bridge 65 is between Ryders Lane Crossing and Pelsall built for access to railwood Farm at the end of a lane. Today access is directly from the end of Railswood Lane where today there is a housing estate

Looking into the cutting towards Pelsall the well worn pathcan clearly be seen but is not accessible at this point






Opened in 1849 it was a simple station with up and down platforms the latter of which was shorter for some reason. A station building on the entrance side and footbridge to cross to the southbound platform where a small waiting room was supplied. The station closed when passenger services were withdrawn as part of the Beeching Axe in 1965, but the line its self remained open until 1984 as a freight route, as did the footbridge, being a safe access to a footpath that is still extant today as seen in picture 5.

1951 OS map showing the position of the station and the sparcity of the population it served at the time

Station in the 1950.s with all station building still in situ and as can be seen by the uniformed man on the platform as the train departs, still manned

Photo from excelent web site with a great many historic pictures of the whole line

looking north from the station entrance 7 Aug 2016. This is the northern most end of the cycle trail and from this point north is clearly a footpath but not marked as such on any map

Station entrance 7 Aug 2016 is now just the entrance to the designated cycle route south

The West side of the bridge at Pelsall is on the junction of Victoria Road the end of whichthe photographer was stood, Station Road and Vicarage Road being the one passing under the railway linking Pelsall and High Heath

On the East side of the bridge there is a track towards a farm gate, but before you get to the gate you will find a set of steps up to the cycleway

Looking south towards the bridge from approximately the end of the platform, the green fencing can just be decerned through the trees

The East side of the bridge looking straight up Vicarage Road to Pelsall Common

Looking back towards the bridge and down the lane back to the road from the foot of the steps