Lichfield City





The first station to open on the SSR, it became a junction city and the station moved slightly in 1884 when the railway from Aston to Sutton Coldfield was extended to Lichfield. Today this forms the Reddich to Sutton Coldfield Birmingham Cross City Route. The 1992 ectrification of which closed the signal box, causing the necessity to resignal the former SSR branch to Anglesea Sidings.


One thing the city would not want its station to be remembered for is that in June 1990 an off-duty soldier was shot and killed, with two others were wounded by IRA gunmen. A plaque commemorating the incident is situated in the station.



As can be seen from this 1948 OS map the station was still to the south of the town almost 90 years after opening

The original station was a grandiose afair, sited at the position of the present goods shed and offices on Station Road. Opposite the entrance was a flight of stone steps some of which can still be seen near the present Fire Station, and a footpath leading via Levetts field and Bakers Lane to the town.

The station today