This recent OS style map showing the increase in population to the North East ans South West of the staion site. Even most of the former sidings down to the canal wharf remains a footpath today




Opened in 1849, this station was never assigned a name variation when a second station was opened by the Midland Railway unlike Wednesbury and Great Bridge further down the line. Today there is little evidence left in the area of the former Midland Railway.


Passenger services ceased as part of the Beeching Axe in 1965, goods trains continuing to pass through the site until December 1983, when the line was completely closed. The track was lifted in 1985.

1951 OS map showing the site of the station. The North South railway alignment being the Midland Railway. There being no trace today of its station serving the town

Historic picture of the station looking down from the road bridge. The points in the foreground being the start of the siding down to the canal wharf

Looking down from the road bridge camera pointing at roughly the location of the points in the above historic picture

The Brownhills Miner is a metal sculpture that stands some 40 foot high in the middle of todays roundabout that sits above and adjacent to the former station site. Erected and known affectionately locally as Jigger in tribute to miner Jack 'Jigger' Tayler, who lost his life in a local mining accident in 1951

Looking from the original road down into the overgrown cutting in the middle of the roundabout

The Town Hall remains unchanged, the access path down to the station set in the cutting, was to the right of the building. The still remnant gate and fencing obscured by the chevron sign between photographer and the building, stood on the opposite side of the more recent roundabout.