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Welcome to the web site of the Railway Reinstatement Association


Initially a group of friends pontificating over a pint or three in the pub (as you do), about alternatives to the austerity cuts to local transport subsidies especially hard hitting in Devon & Cornwall. We hit upon the idea of reopening closed branch lines, of which there are a miriad in Devon & Cornwall, the West Midlands and many other places, using cost efficient, low emmission, lightweight and ultra modern hybrid trains.


Here we will try and relate our aims to restore railway lines, where possible, running Hybrid or low carbon emission trains, and the current position as far as our plans for individual defunct lines are concerned.



We can now come clean about why there has been a two year hiatus in noticable activities by the RRA


In 2015 our chairman relocated to get involved in the promotion of the light rail industry at its birth place as it were. Stourbridge where the class 139 Shuttle runs.


After a short spell at the company that designed and built the shuttles, she had a cancer scare, then on the back of the huge amount of work and personal expense in researching possible lines to reopen and creating these web sites, she was offered a job at Pre Metro Operations Ltd, the operators of the shuttles, as Light Rail Development Officer. Updating the research already on these web sites and turn it into reports that can be used to assess a priority list.


Work has progressed in identifying the top lines in terms of potential as the board of directors at Pre Metro see it.


Until now these have been subject to Non Disclosure Agreements. But now we can exclusively reveal that PRE METRO OPERATIONS LTD are beginning work on a proposal to run a demonstration service between Stourbridge Junction and Brierley Hill on the currently freight only remnant of the former South Staffordshire line, with a view to eventually having an interchange station at Brierley Hill with the soon to be built tram from Wednesbury.


Therefore they/we are seeking feedback from local businesses and residents who are both for and against the reinstatement of schedulled passenger services on this line to contact us with thier views.


Updated 01/11/2018